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How to manage your Veeam Microsoft Office 365 & Teams backup

Programs and tools that support collaboration regardless of locality like Microsoft 365 & Teams are crucial for businesses to succeed and remain competitive. So make sure all the information and data these programs contain are protected.

COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of technological communication, synchronisation, collaboration, and protection. The extenuating circumstances has led to a wave of virtual working environments. Programs and tools that support collaboration regardless of locality like Microsoft 365 & Teams are crucial for businesses to succeed and remain competitive.   

However, despite Microsoft Office 365 documents and files being stored online (in the cloud), they are still susceptible to the same threats as your physical documents as an estimated 76% of these files are not being backed up (Veeam 2021). This is where ASE and Veeam can help back up your Microsoft 365 & Team’s data online using our new feature, Office 365 Backup. 

In this article, we will step you through the seven reasons why it is crucial to back up your Office 365 data.  

  1. Accidental Deletion
    If a user hard deletes a file accidentally, it is tagged to be purged from the database completely. When this happens it is unrecoverable, period.
  2. Retention Policy Gaps and Confusion
    Office365 has limited backup and retention policies which is not intended to be an all-encompassing backup solution. This means that there may not always be the ability to roll back to a previous point in time prior to any issues.
  3. Internal Security Threats
    Microsoft has no way of knowing between a regular user or a terminated employee attempting to delete critical company data. If there is ever any tampering, your company has no way of recovering information or keeping information out of reach in compliance with legal or HR departments.

  4. External Security Threats
    Malware and viruses, like ransomware, have done some serious damages to businesses around the world. All companies are at risk of external threats that sneak in natively through emails or attachments.

  5. Legal and Compliance Requirements 
    If a user needs to retrieve emails, files, or any other data for legal reasons, Microsoft’s inbuilt safety nets are not robust which means, it may not be able to keep your company out of legal trouble and retrieve accidentally deleted information.
  6. Managing Hybrid Deployments and Migrations
    With the right Office 365 backup solution, hybrid email deployments and exchanges of data are made possible.

  7. Teams Data Structure
    Any projects being built up in Teams have no finality in terms of backup and recovery. If Teams experiences tech issues or is mistakenly deleted, all file exchanges and developments will be unavailable.

Access for FREE the “7 Critical Reasons for Office365 Backup” whitepaper.

[new_window_button width=”700″ height=”700″ text=”Download PDF” url=””]THE SOLUTION

Work with ASE to set up and run a backup job with Veeam for Office 365 so that you can protect all your data in one place.  

Step 1: Setup an Office 365 backup job 

Step 2: Create a new backup group for Microsoft Office 365 and Teams.  

Step 3: Add a protected location. 

Next, as with every Veeam backup job you create, you have the choice of where to store your backup data. Here is where you can choose between many options available such as Azure or on-premises storage locations, this is where we can help. ASE provides tech support and services to set up your company for success. 

If you would like to learn more about data backup, protection, and recovery, we encourage you to call us at +61 2 9008 2338 or email[new_window_button width=”700″ height=”700″ text=”Download PDF” url=””]

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